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What We Do

Connect People with the Right Jobs for Them

We help organisations and candidates thrive by pairing the right people with the right role.


Trusted Executive Search and Recruitment consultancy

We find the leaders who will take your organisation to the next level, bringing sector expertise and true discernment.


Services in Europe and beyond

We are proud to use our international connections to satisfy customers in Romania and throughout Europe.


Exceptional Market Knowledge

We cover a wide range of industries and disciplines up to chief executive and board appointments.


We Build Lasting Relationships
Between Candidates
& Businesses

Our passion for people and our unique approaches have led over time to definite and proven results in solving your recruitment needs. We like what we do and we always put you, your requirements and your candidates first

Using a unique blend of experience, noble intentions, well thought out processes, skills and tools you can be confident that we are your partner in finding the people who best fit your budget and business culture.


About Us

15 Years Of Experience

Over  350 clients and 1050 placements

Respected Executive Recruitors

We deliver inspiring careers and inspiring roles

Exquisite Professional Services

Respect and acceptance of others individuals differences


“Raluca is the best recruiter I met, intuitive, dedicated and open minded. She is a value for employers and candidates because she works in their best interests and uses all her knowledge and experience to find the best matches.”

Cristina Olteanu, Area Sales Manager at Gripple Europe

“While working with Raluca, what I have most appreciated about her was a strong results driven attitude. Clear and simple, she got things done and, in the same time, the more challenging the objective, the better is was. ”

Manuel Hobjila

“I have known Raluca since 2014. She is a very intuitive recruiter, paying very much attention to the organization’s culture and needs. She is very professional and fast in delivering the right candidates. It is always a great pleasure working with Raluca”

Raluca Ene, HRBP & Talent Management

“I’ve been working tight with Raluca since 2015, and all I can say is that she delivered the exact profile I needed for the company I work for. She took the time to understand my recruiment needs, she had strong recommendations for the candidates the presented and above all, she made it all in due time.”

Ramona U., Group QA Manager


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